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Every year we will come to the Carton fair, Japan Toys Fair, Germany Toys fair ,Russian Toys Fair, HK fair, UK Toys Fair, USA Fair, and so on.

Jinbang Sports Equipment Co., has its own adult school, to caltivate more high quality and specialized skills workers. We are not a manufacture factory, but we can design and engineer our new product.We also can provide the ODM & OEM service for you.

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During the past  ten years,  JinBang Sports Equipment  Co., Ltd  not only tried to promote it's skills in promoting products quality and reducing products costs, but also participate in a lot of social charities, and gained a lot of social prizes from governments and other social organizations.

Comapny has donated many village schools to build their teaching buildings, and also donated hundreds of poor students to continue their schoolwork. 

In order  to enrich staffs' daily life, company sometimes organize some activities, and  call on all of staffs to join the game. Through these games, staffs can communicate more with each othern and these games can caltivate their team- work spirit. In a happy atmosphere working, they will more happy and more  efficient.

Every year, the company will organize stuff to travel.

Company has traveled to many provinces of china such as Zhejiang province, Jiangsu province, Anhui province, Guangdong province, Jiangxi province and other 10 provinces.

Through the travel activities, workers can communicate better, and build a better and strong team -work spirit to make our company more stronger.

We are engaged in making a family atmophere in our company.